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Bachelor of Architecture

Rachel Bourne

Homes for Heroes

The proposal provides housing and welfare support for ex-service personal vulnerable to homelessness.  Based on a programme of deinstitutionalisation to enable those leaving the armed forces to re-adapt back into ‘normal life’.  Providing accommodation, health and welfare support, education and re-skilling schemes leading to future employment and independent living

The process of design was achieved by developing a series of sketch models and emotive collages concentrating on how people will interact with the spaces, the atmosphere and emotion, public and private, materiality and use of light and shadow.  These models and collages were developed from concept stage and integrated into the final design of the building.

The final building is based around two main courtyards with the temporary accommodation central to the site overlooking both courtyards, with the public flexible areas located at the front of the building, and the ordered and functional activities based at the back of the site. The long stay accommodation block is situated behind the main building to provide separation and independence for the residents.

Rachel Bourne - Key Sections

Key Sections

Tags: Architecture, Manchester, Mas-p

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