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BA (Hons) Interactive Arts

Rebecca Wild

Rebecca specializes in the technique of scanography, resulting in work that is both experimental and spontaneous. With her childhood passion lying in painting, she has been combining these two elements to create work outside of the social normality. Using the scanner as both a camera and a canvas, she approaches the idea of creating art in a new light. The concept of fluid motion and the abstract have been key features within her most recent work, utilizing her keen sense of experimentation to explore these subject areas in detail. Rebecca has endeavoured to amalgamate notions of paint, photography, and dramatic colour to create art consisting of dynamic consequences whilst allowing for each canvas to remain beautifully distinctive in its own right. Rebecca’s practice allows for the viewer to form their own explanations about the work and to apply their own connotations of what they believe they see.  

Rebecca Wild - Genesis (2012)

Genesis (2012)

Rebecca Wild - Chaos Theory (2011)

Chaos Theory (2011)

Rebecca Wild - Alchemy (2012)

Alchemy (2012)

Rebecca Wild - Musical Traces (2010)

Musical Traces (2010)

Rebecca Wild - Through the Looking Glass (2012)

Through the Looking Glass (2012)

Rebecca Wild - Creation (2011)

Creation (2011)

Tags: Abstract, Alchemy, Beauty, Colour, Creation, Dramatic, Fine Art, Fluid, Ink, Photography, Realism, Scan, Scanography

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