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BA (Hons) Architecture

Rhys Williams

It seems to me that today we are facing a set of concerns which are complex and daunting. They include an urban space which has been shaped by Modernist principles, principles which promised new social, economic, and ecological relationships... and which have played a large part in delivering such new environments. However even as some of the issues facing the modern city were problematized in new designs, urban plans, and regulation we were yet exposed to further complex questions, be they about societal governance, psychology and perception, economics and spatial ownership in the capitalist city, or our human mitigated relationship to wilderness. 

I believe that a new practice should try and find routes through this fraught landscape that are engagind and holistic: that shy as far away from reductionist tactics as possible.

Rhys Williams - Architectural Residency: Collyhurst

Architectural Residency: Collyhurst

Rhys Williams - Collyhurst Townhouse: Glazing Box

Collyhurst Townhouse: Glazing Box

Rhys Williams - Night View: Collyhurst St

Night View: Collyhurst St

Rhys Williams - Architectural Residency: Column Refrain

Architectural Residency: Column Refrain

Rhys Williams - Collyhurst Townhouse: Glazing Grid

Collyhurst Townhouse: Glazing Grid

Tags: Commons, Economics, Residency, Urban

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