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BA (Hons) Illustration with Animation

Robert Morris

Being brought up in a white working-class town, but also spending part of my childhood living with a Muslim family has allowed me to witness aspects of racial tension, and what I have taken from these experiences is that the hatred of either side is generally based on fear and paranoia, something that is exacerbated by people who have the power to influence others. Both sides fear a culture that is different and unknown to them, in the same way that two pre-historic tribes would fear each other. What interests me is how pack-mentality is still part of human nature, and what I aim to achieve with painting is to shine a light on this aspect of our society, and to show how easily a group of people can be influenced by someone in a position of power. 

Robert Morris - Crusader, 2012

Crusader, 2012

Robert Morris - Midnight Marauders, 2012

Midnight Marauders, 2012

Robert Morris - Tommy, 2012

Tommy, 2012

Robert Morris - Dog, 2012

Dog, 2012

Robert Morris - The Convert, 2012

The Convert, 2012

Robert Morris - Abu Hamza, 2012

Abu Hamza, 2012

Tags: Britain, Canvas, Extremism, Far-right, Islam, Paint, Portraiture, Racism

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