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BA (Hons) Embroidery

Roree Windus

My art concerns abstract-expressionism principally through emotion and the physicality of painting, developed from images emerging during this process. I apply paint freely, exploring colour/line and texture. With emphasis on multiple-layering of colour, correlating to history, which reveal the previous mediums below. This creates exciting surfaces which are translated into fabric pieces by surface-manipulated cutwork.  My work portrays true feelings in response to current life and past memories.  I use my intuition to sense what is needed in an image. 

Roree Windus - Silk-Velvet Cutwork

Silk-Velvet Cutwork

Roree Windus - Female - Painting

Female - Painting

Roree Windus - Lime Colourway Print on Silk

Lime Colourway Print on Silk

Roree Windus - Sublime - Painting

Sublime - Painting

Roree Windus - Play with Light - Painting

Play with Light - Painting

Roree Windus - Energy - Painting

Energy - Painting

Tags: Abstract Expressionism, Abstract Painting, Cutwork, Emotive Art, Layering, Surface Manipulation

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