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BA (Hons) Interactive Arts

Rosa Vaughan

“We are all clowns really, but we've spent most of our lives trying to hide the embarrassing reality under layers of intelligence, sensibility, sophistication and social nicety.” 

-John Wright


Hello, my name is Rosa Vaughan and I am a little bit BoNkErs!


I like to think of myself as a quiet and intelligent woman with the soul of a clown that always forces me to blow it at the most essential moments!

My practice and my way of life is puppetry and live performance; telling creative stories to engage the viewer.

I was first attracted to puppetry because it is an alternative lifestyle. It brings about the possibility of going into another world full of magic and illusion that you do not encounter in every day existence.

Susie was born from the depths of my imagination…

As I raised her from a pile of newspaper clippings and a pot of glue, I grew more and more absorbed into her being. Until her own little character emerged and she started to come to life! The paper, glue, latex, and cloth became more than just materials to me. It oddly feels as though Susie is real and we have come to be good friends!

Susie made her performance debut in ‘The Creature Chronicles’ by ‘Zoocase Theatre’; a trio of magical tales involving a saxophone-playing dragon and a talking owl!

I am currently watching over her as she haunts the gallery space. She tells me that she has been looking forward to your arrival. Susie hasn’t had company for such a long time and she’s dying to play with you

With just a week left before we have to move on, who knows what we will do next.

Perhaps we will run away with the circus!

Rosa Vaughan - Clowning Around

Clowning Around

Rosa Vaughan - Susie Cocooned

Susie Cocooned

Rosa Vaughan - Masking Tape Puppets

Masking Tape Puppets

Rosa Vaughan - Susie's Stare

Susie's Stare

Tags: Clowning, Model Making, Performance, Puppetry

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