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BA (Hons) Illustration with Animation

Sophie Higginson

I find the unpredictability of every day a constant source of inspiration.  I collect everything and anything that I believe may come in useful.  I love scanning and collaging these finds into my images along side the delicate pencil shading and watercolour. 
I am influenced heavily by pattern and texture, this is visible through my decorative images. 
I occasionally enjoy transforming my illustrations into three-dimensional objects which allows people to interact with my work and view it in a different way.   I find origami an exciting way of doing this, watching the form develop with each fold.
I create artwork on a number of different themes however my working method and visual style remains consistent.

Sophie Higginson - 'Japan in a box '

'Japan in a box '

Sophie Higginson - Seahorse


Sophie Higginson - Japan


Sophie Higginson - Starling


Sophie Higginson - The Silk Road

The Silk Road

Sophie Higginson - Issun-boshi


Tags: Collage, Pattern, Pencil, Texture, Watercolour

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