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BA (Hons) Textile Design for Fashion

Sophie Ogden

I am a Prints designer and styled Illustrator. My influences come from all aspects of design and contemporary urban culture.

 My passion is creating unique visuals for print design but I also work with stylised photography and Illustration that is suited to a high end fashion audience but can also be tailored to promotional marketing and graphics.

Experimentation is vital to my designing, in the forms of action painting; screenprinting and 3d collage, but also I take this through into my presentation and designing. It’s the unexpected outcomes and the excitement in finding a new technique that pushes my work forward, which gives it its unique edge. I believe that there needs to be more freedom to experiment in the design process, particularly for High street markets. This is where I believe my abstract designs could offer something original, prints that transcend their purpose beyond the cloth.    

Sophie Ogden - 'Smudge' screenprint collection

'Smudge' screenprint collection

Sophie Ogden - Styled Illustrations

Styled Illustrations

Sophie Ogden - 'smudge' screenprint collection

'smudge' screenprint collection

Sophie Ogden - styled illustrations

styled illustrations

Sophie Ogden - Pixel_Up collection

Pixel_Up collection

Sophie Ogden - Pixel_up collection

Pixel_up collection

Tags: Abstract, Collaged, Experimental, Graphic, Illustration, Print Design

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