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BA (Hons) Textiles

Sophina Franks

Inspired by selected objects and deconstructing them, to be translated into pieces of work through different materials such as pin and thread, paint and digital design. Throughout the body of work the direction has grown from an idea of designs being illustrative and recognisable compositions of the objects to an abstract style. This developed mainly through mark making and looking at the objects from a different perspective to what they’re originally seen as and then translated onto alternative mediums. 

Sophina Franks - Shapes built for a circuit

Shapes built for a circuit

Sophina Franks - Line Connect

Line Connect

Sophina Franks - Map of Lines

Map of Lines

Sophina Franks - Line to Line

Line to Line

Sophina Franks - End


Sophina Franks - The key to jumbling

The key to jumbling

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