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BA (Hons) Three Dimensional Design

Vincent Ratcliff

Within my work, I am always trying to find new ways to approach the design of an object. I enjoy generating ideas and resolving them into physical products through process led design. I also enjoy problem solving and using my skills in drawing and making to develop my ideas. I like to take a playful approach to design and try to vary the work that i produce in order to continue learning about all aspects of production.

Vincent Ratcliff - Kenny Lamp Orange

Kenny Lamp Orange

Vincent Ratcliff - Tube Shelf

Tube Shelf

Vincent Ratcliff - Kenny Lamp Blue

Kenny Lamp Blue

Vincent Ratcliff - Tube Shelf from below

Tube Shelf from below

Vincent Ratcliff - Twist Lamp closed

Twist Lamp closed

Vincent Ratcliff - Twist Lamp open

Twist Lamp open

Tags: Ash, Design, Felt, Interactivity, Lamp, Lighting, Powder Coating, Production, Shelf, Tube, Tubular Steel, Twist, Zip

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