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BA (Hons) Contemporary Film & Video

A Little Bit

Duration: 10:31

DIRECTED by Terence Sham
“A Little Bit” is a bittersweet drama that documents the relationship dynamics between two young men, Sam and Will, over a period of time, placing their romantic feelings under scrutiny. The film depicts their very human sense of fragility and vulnerability, but ultimately, also of their maturity. Piece by piece, they develop a bond, but love has its own limitations, bit by bit, we see their certainty slip away. Following a chance encounter, the pair discover that they still care for each other. Despite residual feelings, they simply acknowledge their shared past, recognising that love can come in many forms.

Writer: James MacDonald
Writer: Terence Sham
Producer: James MacDonald
Producer: Terence Sham
Director: Terence Sham
Director of Photography: James MacDonald
Editor: Terence Sham


1st Assistant Director: Petira Crawford
2nd Assistant Director: Kasia Wisniowska
Casting Director: Tom Blakey
Production assistant Rebecca Gillespie
Production assistant Jodie Thackray