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BA (Hons) Contemporary Film & Video

Apathy of Adam

Duration: 10:41

DIRECTED by Steve McHugh
A man approaching his thirties begins to have a recurring nightmare. The repercussions of which cause him to rethink his way of living and to re-examine his life at present. With a strange figure in the dream having predicted Adamís possible demise, he realises he has lived a rather mundane life and that if he has only a limited time left, then he will do all he can to fulfil it. The film aims to show the change of mind of the title character in relation to the predicted events. With the purpose of showing the characters own decision making based around his own thoughts in existential reflection, and his interaction with others in scenes of external drama. With all of this being told in the form of reflection in a non-linear order.

Producer: Damien Carlisle
Director: Steven Mchugh
Director of Photography: Frances Carr
Editor: Daniel Little


Sound Recordist: Joe Sherwood