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BA (Hons) Contemporary Film & Video


Duration: 9:36

DIRECTED by Jodie Thackray
A poetic drama about a lost connection between Father and Daughter. Scarlett loved to go on bicycle rides with her Father when she was young. When he left, she and her Mum got used to living without him. Many years later he suddenly gets in contact. The film follows Scarlett on her way to meet him, after many years apart. The emotional strain of the meeting causes Scarlett to become immersed in the past and conflicting memories build. Should she give her Dad a second chance?

Writer: Jodie Thackray
Producer: Jodie Thackray
Director: Jodie Thackray
Director of Photography: Matthew Honey
Sound Design: Thomas Blakey
Sound Design: Jodie Thackray
Editor: Thomas Blakey
Production Designer: Jodie Thackray