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BA (Hons) Contemporary Film & Video

Colour Blind

Duration: 8:50

Directed by Daniel Callaghan
A young man races through the streets with a handbag that doesn’t belong to him, police and the public try to stop this thief, but what are they really stopping? Two policemen are walking the beat in a rough area, one an old pro ready to impart wisdom and the other a young recruit eager to learn, they see what they suspect to be a young bag thief and take chase. A businessman and his colleague enjoy a lunch break together, they spot a chance to stop a thief and jump at it. Marvin races the streets clutching his recently acquired handbag, he has somewhere to be and nobody is stopping him, not the police and not the public, it means more to him to stay free than it means to them to catch him, but why? A look at modern attitudes towards prejudice within modern society

Producer: Daniel Callaghan
Director: Daniel Callaghan
Director of Photography: Daniel Callaghan
Editor: Daniel Callaghan


Production Assistant & Runner: Sion Eirug