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BA (Hons) Contemporary Film & Video

Grandpa's Girl

Duration: 10:25

DIRECTED by Rebecca Gillespie
In “Grandpa’s Girl’ we get a glimpse into the world of Sarah, an 11-year-old girl from a single parent family, whose one male role model is her bad tempered, elderly Grandfather. We see the complicated and sometimes uncomfortable relationship between them as they are left alone together during their weekly visits– neither one really knowing how to relate to the other in a meaningful way or being able to demonstrate their true feelings. It is only later that Sarah makes a discovery that shows her a whole different side to her Grandfather that Sarah never knew.

Writer: Rebecca Gillespie
Producer: Beverley Nesbit
Director: Rebecca Gillespie
Director of Photography: Matthew Honey
Editor: Rebecca Gillespie
Production Designer: Beverley Nesbit


Sound Recordist: Jodie Thackray
Sound Mixer: Rebecca Gillespie