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BA (Hons) Contemporary Film & Video


Duration: 10:24

DIRECTED by Joseph Radonich
Set in an underprivileged suburb of east Manchester, the film chronicles the plight of its young protagonist Danny. We follow him on the day of his sixteenth birthday, and witness this young man on the cusp of manhood, seemingly unprepared and without direction or ambition. Through the day we see a contrast in his moral fibre, which perpetuates his confusion and disassociation with society and his own existence. The lost and confused young man finds hope in a letter he receives from his estranged father. This leads to a chain of events, which force him to make decisions on his own accord, breaking free from the constraints on his uncaring family and taking his life into his own hands.

Writer: Joseph Radonich
Producer: Joseph Radonich
Director: Joseph Radonich
Director of Photography: Paddy Mcgowan
Sound Design: Michael Harris
Editor: Rebecca Gillespie


1st AD Anthony Bean
Project Manager: Sooz Hynes
1st Camera Assistant & 2nd Unit camera: Stephen Pilling
Lighting assistant: Joe Oldroyd
Sound Recordist: Mike Harris
Colour Nagwa Rahman
Sound Assistant: Sophie Eve Sayeed
Sound Assistant: Christian Sinclair
Runner Craig Murfin
Runner Ally Lewis