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BA (Hons) Contemporary Film & Video

Heavenly Hands

Duration: 8:46

DIRECTED by Petira Crawford
‘Heavenly Hands’ is a short film that combines both magical and social realism with sporadic comedy moments. It aims to touch on an all too familiar position that many of today’s children find themselves in regardless of their inherited class. The filmmaker tells a story of a boy’s self discovery journey, that is unconsciously led by both his imagination and a need for extra parental attention. To further enforce this theme of ‘self discovery.’ The boy’s mother who initially reads the boy’s actions as a resistance against the rights of society. Discovers that as much as her position appears weak, it is equally powerful, as by understanding and giving a little more time; she can counterbalance the father’s absence.

Writer: Petira Crawford Pruett
Director: Petira Crawford Pruett


Assistant editor: James MacDonald
1st AD: Kasia Wisnowska
2nd AD: Helen Rathbone
3rd AD: Terence Sham