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BA (Hons) Embroidery

Edel Buggy

My experiences in México have influenced this body of work, where I lived as a local in the central city of Zacatecas. My work concerns the young Mexican’s experience of a modern, independent México paralleled by traditional values and constraints. The films of Alejandro González Iñárritua, were of key reference, whose use of time and multiple narratives show how lives converge through an event, which parallels my own work where seemingly unrelated knits converge to tell stories of a México, in the summer of 2010. My fashion samples explore how two different mediums can impact and change each other. I aim to push knit and embroidery into an exciting fusion through the use of energetic colour, innovative yarns and experimental techniques, creating fashion samples, which challenge the perceptions of these crafts.

Edel Buggy - Fabric trapped in knit evoking ideas of concealment.

Fabric trapped in knit evoking ideas of concealment.

Tags: Conceal, Contrast, Digital, Embroidery, Energetic, Innovative, Knit, Knitted, Modern, Textile, Vibrant

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