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BA (Hons) Fine Art

Guy Broadhurst

My work revolves around ideas of display, support and form. Recently I have been exploring these biomorphic forms that have some sort of display or support structure that they are placed upon. I am interested in the process of display and the elevation of an object out of the everyday and the importance that this elevation the places upon the object. And how the structure can be seen as not only a physical support but also as a conceptual support.

I have also been exploring the transfer from digital to real, through an on going series of digital works that I am trying to physically replicate.  Through this I am attempting to investigate the different modes of display that both digital and physical work embody, along side an exploration of simulacra.

Guy Broadhurst - Untitled (2013)

Untitled (2013)

Tags: Clay, Digital, Sculpture, Wood

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