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BA (Hons) Photography

Jana Liggett-Wright

Both of my projects this year have been about boundaries.

In Girlhood I explored the boundary between ages- the innocence of childhood compared to the inevitable seduction of adolescence. Girlhood is a documentary project focused on young women of the age of 12.

Dark Sea is a fine art series of fabricated seascapes, exploring the fundamental boundaries of sea and air. Within this project I was studying the different truths of photography and revelling in the beauty and ambiguity of darkness. 

Both projects celebrate traditional analogue techniques and darkroom printing.

Jana Liggett-Wright - Girlhood


Jana Liggett-Wright - Dark Sea

Dark Sea

Jana Liggett-Wright - Girlhood
Jana Liggett-Wright - Dark Sea

Tags: Abstract, Analogue, Children, Dark Seas, Darkness, Darkroom, Documentary, Feminism, Film, Fine Art, Girlhood, Girls, Portrait, Portraits, Sea, Seascapes, Teenagers, Truth, Women

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