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Archontia Manolakelli

"Cheetham Psychology Centre"

Cheetham Psychology Center is a community centre that provides shelter and counselling services to the young people (18-25 y.o.) of Cheetham Hill facing psychological and mental health issues. Additionally, the scheme provides the community as a whole with a space to relax and get involved with leisure and educational activities.

The design is based on the inner experience of a mental health disorder expressing the confusion of such a condition as well as the relief of overcoming it. In that way it aims to raise awareness about mental health trough the use of space and form while creating pockets of privacy within public space.

The design process and outcome is followed by a comic that explains the experience of space as well as the initial concept ideas allowing the privacy of the people who stated the ideas to be respected. 

Read the comic online:

Tags: Architecture, Comic, Community Center, Privacy, Psychology Center, Public, Quarter Past Midnight, Wood

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