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Clara Dip Wan Cheung

Processional activity affects spaces of the city by means of communicative movements, which create diverse meanings in the minds of the public. Processional thresholds are often ephemeral, and when established they form a spatial field. This field is like an aura, which is symbolically represented through iconography, and nestled within the dense urban environment. 

Auration is a goldsmiths located in St. Peter's Square, at the civic heart of Manchester. Similar to the iconography present in processional activity, goldsmiths are mediators that create a dialogue between the history of institutions and the urban environment by adding value or re-shaping an object. The programme of the scheme is seeking to define the ecology of the city where civic society can conduct their business on an everyday basis co‐operatively. Gold is the main theme that poetically sums up the conflict between civic life and collective life, history and the present.

Tags: Gold, Goldsmiths

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