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Emily Blackburn

My contribution to the exhibition Always Allways Land will be in the form of a Performance Score entitled "First", which has three parts. Each score will be handed out to the visitors of the exhibition with times indicating when each performance will occur. The act is participatory and as such will only take form with the involvement of the gallery visitors. The outcome will be a unifying act comprised of peripheral moments that typically surround traditional theatre shows. 

My second contribution will be limited edition, hand made Chansu Cards, which too will be handed out to visitors. The aim of these cards is to imbed in the visitor a new manner in which to percieve the artwork which they be observing, in the hope of destroying established, preconvieved ideals of judgement in some small way. 

All material created by myself will go under the name Nagare Now, which is a crowdsourcing site, dedicated to Fluxus ideals, chance encounters, active spirit, and everyday happenings.

It is hoped that visitors may in some way document or comment on their experience of the exhibition or performance on the website or on the twitter @NagareNow

Tags: Arthistory, Chance, Chansucard, Fluxus, Happening, Instructions, Nagarenow, Participation, Performance, Relationalaesthetics

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