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Emily Shaw

Weaving tradition with contemporary design

 The atmosphere and environment of energetic cities constantly on the go informs my practice. My fabrics reflect the personalities and busy lifestyles of the people that inhabit major cities as well as the urban landscape itself.

A placement with Dashing Tweeds, London, showed me how combining tradition with contemporary design can create innovative fabrics for a high-end market.  I have a passion for colour and capture the changing light through photography, creating vibrant, exciting and confident colour palettes with which to work from.

 Bold shapes and colour combine with intricate geometric patterns to create bespoke fabrics. My yarn choice of 100% silk and 100% merino wool produces a high quality and professional finish. Although designed for high end menswear, the luxurious fabrics are suitable for a variety of other applications. 

Tags: Bespoke, Contemporary, Menswear, Tradition, Urban Landscape, Weave

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