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Emma Naylor

A large number of women in Cheetham Hill stay at home to ‘look after home/family’ rather than having external employment. This is a full time responsibility and while some women choose to be stay at home mothers, many don’t have the choice due to financial problems or cultural traditions. For both, it is hard work and can be lonely, with a lack of adult company.

By generating spaces to be used by the community allows people, women in particular, to meet and socialise; breaking down the barriers formed from staying at home. 

Creating non-domestic communal spaces allow connections in the wider community to form. There is little understanding of what it is like to be a stay at home mother and the hard work involved, by building spaces that allow interactions to happen, a greater understanding can be gained and this in turn helps to break down boundaries. 

Tags: Architecture, Cheetham Hill, Community, Msa Praxis, Stay At Home Mothers

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