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Hannah Rowntree

CLASS 700 is a research project brought to you by Ford Beaumont, a collective conceived by myself and my collaborative partner Olivia Wedderburn.

Archiving no longer is marked by dusty bookshelves, but rather is finding itself nestled within the digital age.

How art is viewed by others is changing from the gallery setting, and art education is rapidly more accessible due to the birth of the internet.

This project develops the idea of virtual galleries, the future of art history and how we can use the internet as a tool for art making and theory.

Drawing inspiration from what G20 once was, a pop up reading room offering modern street literature will create parallels between time before and the modern day.

Throughout this room there will be different approaches to archiving our research process, from video art to transcripts, a sculptural journey exhibiting the potential and usage of modern art.

Tags: Archiving, Art History, Internet, Post-internet Art, Research, Virtual

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