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Lamia Shafiq

Surface pattern designer specialising in Digital print, I produce invigorating designs for the interior market. Intrigued by nature, I aimed to capture and enhance the beauty of florals through examining intricate and delicate qualities. My passion for fine detail and precision allowed me to indulge myself into this project by further developing my drawing skills and locating my own style.

The concept of nature has continuously flourished within art and textiles, through artists formulating their own observation; I aimed to reinvent this idea through my interpretation and introducing a contemporary vision to the modern audience. Examining the delicate quality, beautiful colours and bold shapes of florals, aided me into creating wallpaper designs, which not only captured the attraction of florals but also created a comfortable and joyful atmosphere. I was able to showcase a diverse range of techniques within my collections through photographic imagery, sophisticated drawings and digital design skills. 

Tags: Digital Print, Floral

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