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Lucy Petts

Wallpaper. Its traditional connotations are typically concerned with pattern, repetition, and its design as a decorative commodity. I have challenged these expectations, also exploring its sense of smell, touch and taste.

My material exploration employs both hand and digital techniques and has led to unexpected discoveries. For example, I have designed and made bespoke scented, edible, UV, glow in the dark, tactile and three-dimensional wallpapers.

Rather than adding to an existing environment, my work creates an interactive experience, sometimes communicating with people with sensory impairments.

Whilst applying the appropriate combination of creativity, originality and functionality, I intend on creating innovative commercial papers with a twist for use in domestic and corporate settings.

Tags: Bespoke, Corporate, Domestic, Environment, Everyday, Gallery, Handmade, Hear, Home, Hospitality, Illusion, Interactive, Interior Decoration, Interior Design, Paper, Pattern, R, Repetition, Sensory Wallpaper, Sight, Smell, Surface Pattern Design, Taste, Temporary, Textile Design, Texture, Three-dimensional, Touch, Wallpaper

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