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Stephanie Shaw

My work has been an ongoing enquiry into building relationships between pre-existing imagery and my own work by playing with form, colour, texture and scale. Opening up a dialogue between 2- and 3- dimensions has been a recent development which I hope to build on in the future.

By taking illustration beyond the traditional realms of book-based mimetic text relationships, I have explored how the artist can influence the viewer’s perception through greater participation. Collage destabilises knowledge through decontextualising visual information, to play with the idea of self-publishing as a medium for control over output and the way this can be disturbed. By bringing this work back into a book, the idea has come full circle.

Using mixed media and a consciously naive approach to painting and drawing, I am trying to create a space whereby the process is apparent, creating a surreal, intangible experience, more than could be digitally produced.

Tags: Collage, Fine Art, Illustration, Installation

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