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BA (Hons) Filmmaking

It is with great pleasure that I introduce the graduating students of BA (Hons) Filmmaking for 2014.

Each one of this graduating cohort came to Filmmaking with a vision, a desire to communicate their ideas and stories, to hone and shape their creativity through the various possibilities and forms of filmmaking practice. This took them on a journey that enabled them to develop a firm understanding of the languages of film and to find their own individual pathway, their own expression and vision harnessed through their chosen route, be it as producer, director, cinematographer, editor, sound designer, production designer, be it as dramatist, documentary or artist filmmaker.

Filmmaking is a complex process that requires a very high level of ambition, motivation, collaborative partnership and this cohort of students have excelled by producing a fantastic range of films that encompass the very best of contemporary filmmaking practices, sophisticated methodologies, sheer creative endeavor and encapsulate the spirit of the art school. Over the past three years they have developed their ideas, conceptual concerns, creativity and well crafted skills to produce an array of work that has been received with critical acclaim, accepted to film festivals, screened internationally and with students being awarded prizes for their projects.

This is the end of a journey for these fantastically talented filmmakers and creative practitioners within the Manchester School of Art but only the beginning of their new adventures into the professional world of their practice that now beckons them. A challenge awaits but one in which they have already shown that they are well capable of meeting with great success. It is without doubt that they represent the new generation of filmmakers, already pushing the boundaries of what filmmaking can be in terms of narrative exploration, subject investigation, experimentation, craft processes and conceptualisation.

It is with this in mind that I encourage you to join me in celebrating their success now and in the future and to see their work here, first.

Joe Duffy Programme Leader, BA (Hons) Filmmaking


Filmmaker / Producer / Director / Director of Photography / Sound Design / Editor


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