Abi Goodman

Creative Practice
BA (Hons)

As a conceptual artist with an interest in the interplay between text and image, Abi has a passion for creating artist books. As a sculptural form with myriad possibilities, she finds that books are a great way of conveying different ideas and Abi likes to push the book art form.

Her current work is concerned with the re-presentation of famous manifestos ranging from Karl Marx to Russell Brand.  At MMU's degree show she presents 'Addiction', a wallpaper collection catalogue which considers Russell Brand's views on politics and the taboo of not voting.

Her artist book re-presentation of The Communist Manifesto, 'Capitalism 24,902' has been accepted into this year's International Book Prize in Sheffield.

Tags: Artist Book, Graphic Design, Hitchcock, Infographics, Karl Marx, Manifesto, Political, Russell Brand, Wallpaper

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