Adam Jones

Master of Architecture

In Continuity in Architecture we use place as the starting point, developing intervention through the analysis and translation of the particular location. We believe that this process results in the making of a meaningful and informed architecture, providing a contemporary layer of archaeology, a new inscription within the continuity of the evolving city.

Throughout Granada's history, rhetoric has been used to cajole, seduce, destroy, impress, inspire, endear and justify. Nestled within Plaza Jazmin in Realejo, a new ensemble of buildings explore it's forgotten significance, offering the research, production and performance of rhetoric as a positive force for the neighbourhood, the site and the city.

“We work collectively in a context, to the landscape, to neighbouring buildings in the city. We create buildings in order to communicate with each other, and therefore require conventions, not privatization. If I privatized my language, you would be cut off, I would be doing something that nobody could understand." 
- Peter Märkli

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