Adele Fitzgerald

Textiles in Practice
BA (Hons)

I am an aspiring textile designer, specialising in both print and embroidery with a multi-media approach. My aim as a designer is to update and reinvent, bringing the past to the present. I am inspired by the mundane - the things others may take for granted. The idea that objects are alive and living is overriding throughout my practice, exploring how the marks and stains they accumulate through time tell a story and become part of their identity.

My final collection was inspired by the collections of Botanical Magazine, part of MMU’s Special Collections, dating back to the 1800’s. I became fascinated with the intricate illustrations hidden inside, placed in an archive, untouched for years. Using new techniques such as digital print, foiling and mulithead embroidery, my collection challenges the preconception of traditional wallpaper, giving life to these neglected designs and making them useful once again.

Tags: Botanical, Colour, Embroidery, Interior, Print, Print Design, Stitch, Textiles, Wallpaper

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