Alison Waters

Creative Practice
BA (Hons)

Look longer; let the play of shadow and light come into you of its own accord and whisper its medicine.’

       Shinrin Yoku website 2015


My heart lies within nature; my work seeks to encourage others to discover for themselves the healing power that nature can bring.

So, inspired by the above my creative journey has taken a particular path …

My imagery has a natural oriental style, I am drawn to bold stark images yet still address the detail.  Placement is key to my drawings and colour is a subtlety left to the serendipity of print or ink.  Embellishment comes in the form of metallic foil or pyrography.

I am passionate about books and the written word. In pushing the definition of bookmaking I have produced a series of fans inspired by a narrative; an interesting vehicle for my imagery?!

Tags: Bookmaking, Drawing, Embellishment, Healing, Nature, Print

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