Alyssa Gucci

Textiles in Practice
BA (Hons)

I am a knitwear designer for the high-end womenswear market. My work focuses on the integration of knit and woven fabrics, through carefully selected knit techniques and the development of a sophisticated colour palette, dying my own yarns and fabrics in the process. Throughout the year, I have used the themes of movement and distortion to influence my work, using photography as a key element to explore this. The integration of knit with woven fabrics has allowed me to explore movement further, creating fluidity within my fabrics, whilst the addition of devore processes emphasises the ideas of distortion through transparency and layering. In the future I hope to continue to explore the integration of knitted and woven fabrics further, whilst continuing to explore their potential within a fashion context and how they can interact with the body.

Tags: Colour, Distortion, Fashion, Knit, Movement, Textiles

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