Amy Bennett

Textiles in Practice
BA (Hons)

My Graduate collection is based upon society’s obsession with beauty, I wanted to create print designs that encapsulated the idea that nothing is as it seems and the prevalent obsession of beauty within modern day society has led to a world in which natural beauty has became almost an illusive prehistoric innocence even nature is untouched by this progressive movement towards idealistic perfection.

My designs show accents of botanical influence and artificial modification that reflects the changing perception on how as a society we view beauty. To capture the self-indulged artificiality of advanced society, I have incorporated cosmetic aspects such as false nails, eyelashes along with further artificial assets combined with real and artificial flowers to further capsulate this concept of fakeness and cosmetic enhancements.

The evolution of my work and development of my skills as a textiles print designer has became increasingly distinctive, original and diverse. My ambition is to become a print designer who creates designs with meaning and impact creating a connection with the audience.

Tags: Digital Print, Floral, Print, Print For Fashion, Textiles

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