Anne Jones

Creative Practice
BA (Hons)

As an embroiderer I’ve been able to explore materials, process, and ways of seeing that have enabled me to develop both as an artist and as an individual.

Stitch, materials and process have been pivotal to my work, using hand techniques wherever possible in expressing concepts within a minimalist construct.

Human conflict is as old as civilisation itself, and I sought out a material evocative of this sombre subject.  As an admirer Anselm Keifer, in particular his prolific use of Lead, I was aware of the allegorical significance he attached to it: alluding to the passage of time, as a repository for knowledge and memory, its transmutation from one material to another; juxtaposed with its protective qualities against radiation and use as a roofing material.  Inspired by this, Lead has become the primary material for recent projects.

I look forward to continuing the journey.


Tags: Conflict, Embroidery, Installation, Lead

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