Carly Bainbridge

Interactive Arts
BA (Hons)


Emphasising the value of ideas over materiality, my practice deconstructs conventions of the gallery exhibition. Appropriating existing 'Art' objects, I aim to challenge the ownership of materials in transition

Degree Show:

Acquiring a series of discarded frames from Whitworth Art Gallery, I entered a dialogue with the unseen contents.

Having never witnessed the original artwork, I have experimented with an interpreted aesthetic of 'William Morris - Triple Net' via consumable, buyable, Internet appropriations.

De-coding the back of the frame to engage with the traditional hand block print wallpaper, I present a series of research based 'new' outputs, questioning the value and ownership of mass modern consumption.

Tags: Art, Conceptual, Consumption, Ideas, Interactivearts, Newmedia, Process, Traditional, Value, Williammorris

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