Carmen Etches

Textiles in Practice
BA (Hons)

This body of work has been a response to my love of music. I have used the sounds that I hear as inspiration in order to produce an emotional response capturing movement and depth. Throughout this project I have worked in a very spontaneous and expressive manner regarding my drawing, producing unique vibrant designs both physically and digitally. These designs are from my emotional response to an experience, in this case music and sound. I communicate colour intuitively responding to the sounds that I hear, and so each design has its own individual colour palette. I have become very interested in scale and space, having installed a large scale commission in Manchester City Centre, I am intrigued as to how a piece of artwork can transform a space and create a whole new environment for us to experience and interact with. I aim to create exclusive designs for interior spaces that enhance the space and create a memorable ambience.

Tags: Artwork, Digital Print, Fashion, Interior Space, Interiors, Music, Surface Pattern Design, Textiles

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