Cat Scott

Textiles in Practice
BA (Hons)

Making the invisible - visible. I aim to represent the invisible atmospheres surrounding our everyday, through multi-sensory representation.

My practice blends art with science and is highly conceptual. The ideas behind my work are based on scientific topics within Physics, contrasting alongside a playful character, presented using abstract shapes that represent the invisible states, within my 2D and 3D work. With an interest in the kinetic, the idea flowing throughout my work is representing how the states transition and move, within the architectural space in which they inhabit.

The work harnesses the air, on a molecular level, representing this through the use of found objects and colours taken from industrial settings and using this to create environments that alter the viewer’s perception of space and scale.

The purpose of this work is to capture something that cannot be seen, but sensed, and to represent this to the viewer through a variety of innovative processes. Recent processes used have been Ultrasonic Welding to constuct Inflatable structures and Lenticular printing.

As well as being commissioned to make an Artwork for the Vertical Gallery; this piece is part of my collection from In Transition.

The Artwork for the Vertical Gallery blends art with science, through abstract representations of the transitional states of matter. Interaction is key, to enable the viewer to sense the transition from solid, to liquid, to gas.

My Mixed Media Practice is open, enabling my ideas to be applied to various contexts including conceptual design, site-specific commission and installation to name a few.

Aims for the future are to collaborate with Scientists and Artists/Designers to push my visions forward, using blue-sky thinking to create innnovative work which can be applied to art, design, science and technology.

Currently, I am researching for Artist Residencies across Europe to be inspired by different cultures, as well as furthering my practice at the same time.

In the next two years I wish to study a Masters in Sweden or the Netherlands, to further my specialist research, where the worlds of Art and Science merge into one.

Tags: Air-tight, Animation, Art, Atmospheres, Design, Environments, Innovation, Installation, Interactive, Invisible, Kinetic, Lenticular, Matter, Movement, Movingimage, Multi-sensory, Objects, Perception, Physics, Print, Science, Set Design, Site-specific Commission, States, Technical Materials, Technology, Transition, Ultrasonic Welding, Vertical Gallery, Visible, Water-tight

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