Catriona BenslyGreen

BA (Hons)

‘Uncovering Natural Beauty’ looks at women who have all struggled with fitting in to society.  They each hold a belief that they themselves have something that prevents them from feeling like they are considered anything but beautiful.

Women are now seen to be objects in society, where if they aren’t ‘easy on the eye’ they’re less esteemed.  Values have lost their value and bodily perfection is sought at all costs.

The women photographed throughout this project use a shield which many women today do, through the use of makeup.  Makeup creates a mask, that women then believe makes them more attractive and able to fit in to societies views on what they should look like; young and flawless.  This project enables those women who have their insecurites to be unveiled through the simple act of taking their makeup off; their mask.  

Tags: Portraits

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