Charlotte Braithwaite

Textiles in Practice
BA (Hons)

I am a mixed media artist using a combination of embroidery, fashion and photography to create abstract imagery exploring the use of light and line in relation to the body. During my final year at MMU I have gained experience volunteering in a community arts environment, helping to deliver creative workshops to people with learning difficulties. An understanding of the impact of light as a medium in sensory rooms has inspired my own use of light generating materials in my recent project. I have used these in conjunction with photography as a means to capture a sense of the body in motion. My work is intended to exist in a fine art context to suit domestic spaces or large public spaces. My further intentions are to extend my experience in community arts, pursuing my ambition to devise and deliver successful creative workshops.  

Tags: Electric Wire, Embroidery, Fashion, Fine Art, Glow In The Dark, Light, Line, Mixed Media, Motion, Photography, Shibori, Textiles

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