Charlotte Thompson

Fine Art
BA (Hons)

I chose the Dummy because of its association with the mouth, Freud would say an overuse of this object would be Oral Fixation; this refers to our obsessive compulsion to consume. I also selected this object for its shape; when manipulated into different positions, the dummy can resemble the nipple or the phallice. Furthermore the dummy is symbolic to a child and innocence in an ordinary context; I purposely wanted to transform the way we look at this object and reveal what other agendas it may have.

The object sparks different responses; revealing curiosity, lustful thoughts and fetishes. With my powder pink prints, I wanted to bring across the femininity with the tones of the skin as well as using the placement of the dummy to imitate the female body. This repeat pattern translates the obsessive desires we possess as well as the increasingly commoditized nature of artistic production.

Tags: Digitally Manipulated Print, Symbolism

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