Chaz Mather

Graphic Design
BA (Hons)

Creative Art Director

Medical Sales Rep turned Advertising Creative. At the moment you’ll probably find me at the nearest lonely hearts club searching for my creative partner. I’m hoping they will bring some clever witty chat up lines to our first date.

When I’m not on the search for my partner i’m planning my next placement opportunity. What makes me tick is clever and unique ideas. That 'light bulb moment' and strong, milky tea (occasionally a coffee). I am extremely optimistic and refuse to give up or give in when it comes to my career. You’ve got to grab life by the balls and live it!!!

Mobile: 07710172024

[Please contact me if you're interested in seeing my Ad book or Design work].

Tags: Abertoir, Advertising, After Life, Afterlife, Animal Adverts, Animal Bilboards, Animal Eyes, Animals, Animation, Art Direction, Art Director, Assisted Road Kill, Concenptual, Concepts, Copywriting, Creative, Creative Direction, Eyeballs, Eyes, Graphic Design, Hedgehog, Magazine, Meat, Objectified, Objects, Objectum Sexuals, Orange, Photography, Pigs Eyes, Porn Magazine, Road Kill, Roadkill, Sexualised Objects, Squirrel, Stop Frame, Stop Frame Animation, Suicidal Animals, Typography, Yellow

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