Cheryl Brierley

Creative Practice
BA (Hons)

My work is based on an informed response to a place/site or concept that conveys a strong emotional narrative to tell a hidden or forgotten story, usually with a social link. I use photography extensively throughout my work to inform research, clarify ideas and finally to return and photograph my work in situ. Although the objects I produce are important it is often the final image that epitomises the true sentiment of my work.

I always use stitch of some kind in my practice, but my use of materials is carefully considered to respect the integrity of the site/idea I am responding to. Recently my work has been concerned with water, it’s impact on communities and it’s unequal distribution in the world.

Tags: Conceptual, Installation, Integrity, Metal, Narrative, Photography, Response, Slate, Stitch, Water, Xylem

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