Christine McDonald

Textiles in Practice
BA (Hons)

I am a Knitted Textiles designer, creating fabrics for Menswear fashion. In my practice I have taken inspiration from the 1960’s space race and how space exploration will be transformed in the future. I have taken inspiration for my colour by contrasting the darkness of outer space with the brightness of the solar system. I have explored the combination of domestic and industrial machine knit fabrics within my final collection, to create different textures by using a variety of yarns and materials. In addition to this I have designed and produced my own embroidery patch badges to embellish my Knitwear, creating impact and interest. My final collection is bold and playful, exploring pattern and colour in an alternative way for Menswear.

After finishing at MMU, I am hoping to gain industry experience through placements before undertaking an MA in Knitted Textiles.

Tags: Bold, Embroidery, Knit, Menswear, Playful, Textiles

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