Claire Thomas

Creative Practice
BA (Hons)

I am a conceptual glass artist and have worked with hot glass and kilns for the last four years. Being on a part-time course has allowed me to perfect my skills and use hot glass in many different ways. Glass is a very diverse material to work with and over the last four years I have created many different items. Glass stringers have become a major focus of my work. I have used them to design avant garde jewellery, to make vessels for holding objects and, more recently, to show muscle structures.

When working in hot glass I feel a sense of freedom. The glass seems to guide me into how it wants to work and shape itself. Adding different colours helps me to find a unique blend in each individual stringer. Using a kiln I am able to construct a piece of conceptual art for the viewer to enjoy.

Tags: 3dd, Body, Conceptual, Glass, Muscle, Tip

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