Cristina Martinez

BA (Hons)


Walking through a space, recollecting every detail and experiencing new emotions, the soujourn of these memories in people’s minds, it is the trigger to inspiration. 

This project is about the perpetuation of those memoires and the ability to estimulate new ones with one of nature’s biggest gifts, life. To prevail we have unrolled the secrets of nature, we have found new remedies against new disasters. The programme for this building aims to recoup the memories of our remedies and edify people’s minds about its history.

Taking the form of a pharmaceutical garden with appartments on top, this project becomes a square of peace and knowledge in the middle of a busy metropolitan area as Piccadilly. With the garden acting as a central courtyard, both the public and the private spaces coexist in this building, projecting continuity throughout the design.

Tags: Botanical, Continuity In Architecture, Memory, Natural Remedies, Nature

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