Danielle Green

Interior Design
BA (Hons)

Journeys are involved in every day life: whether it be travelling through a city, a process created within your work, or your experiences over time. Stemming from my interest in Art and how progress is portrayed through a painting or sketches; I started looking into the design collaborations that could express this.

Expressing processes through movement and interpreting a journey through art work and through structure. Combining old with contemporary, incorporating oblique shapes within a once busy surrounding and reflecting upon meandering traces both previous and present. Creating this with physical diversions as well as directional onces through cues of colour. The inhabitant is able to connect with the structure and sense how the building holds historic backgrounds through the characteristics and the original materiality.

Tags: Artists, Colour, Exhibition, Fraternizing, Journeys, Meanders, Oblique, Peregrination, Reformed, Reused

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