Dominique Fletcher

Graphic Design
BA (Hons)

I am an ideas led designer who is engaged not only with the aesthetic of design but the strong concepts behind ideas are what really fuel my passion. I think it’s important to explore expectations, find ways to break these expectations and challenge preconceptions. I value the whole process of design, the making and craft aspect is important to me; I feel it gives my work a sense of authenticity.

I am one half of publishing venture Launch Press, alongside graphic designer Michael Curia. Our aim is to bridge the gap between a concept and the book form. We immerse ourselves in an ‘artists’ idea and from this we develop new concepts, finding ways to allow these ideas to physically become the book itself. We look forward to continuing with this venture after we graduate.

Tags: Book, Bookbinding, Bookmaking, Concept, Design, Graphic Design, Poster, Publishing

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